Alternative Design Proposal of the Hydrogen Center Mayrhofen in Tirol for the Zillertalbahn 2020+ Project

An alternative design of the hydrogen production plant with visitor center in Mayrhofen, for the commercial “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energy autonomous with hydrogen” project, was proposed in the Master’s Thesis entitled “hyDI | Deine Welt ist der Wasserstoff Wasserstoffzentrum Mayrhofen in Tirol” by Anna Elisabeth Schreter from the Institute of Architecture and Design at the Vienna University of Technology. This valuable study was published in 2022, the year in which the first hydrogen train sets were initially planned to be in operation on the route between Jenbach and Mayrhofen as part of the “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energy autonomous with hydrogen” project.

The construction site within the hyDI project was planned between the “Ziller” river and the Zillertalerstraße and the proposed building included three floors, offering a free access to outdoor and indoor open hydrogen world.

Following the decision by the Tyrolean state government, the regional project “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energy autonomous with hydrogen”, which has been developed over a period of 8 years in terms of climate, energy, resources and transport management, now has to be replaced by the federal state project, which solely pursues the goal of “decarbonizing the Zillertalbahn by 2030 with battery-powered trains”.

Additional Information

Since 2016, the “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energy-autonomous with hydrogen” project has been developed by Zillertaler Verkehrsbetriebe AG together with the Zilltertal planning association as an essential part of the green hydrogen economy that is currently being developed in Central Europe.

Since 2019, Stadler Rail AG in Switzerland has been waiting for the newly developed hydrogen train sets for the Zillertal as the best bidder in a public tender due to an “expert dispute” in Tyrol.

Since 2022, Stadler Rail’s hydrogen train should run in the Zillertal with the H2 technology of the Flirt H2 , which recently set a world distance record.

The prerequisites for the overall transport, energy and regional economic project “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energy autonomous with hydrogen” were set in step with the development of the green hydrogen economy in Central Europe, which is also supported, among other things, by the national flagship research projects “WIVA P&G HyTrain” and “WIVA P&G HyWest” is supported.

Regionalprojekt “Zillertalbahn 2020+ energieautonom mit Wasserstoff” muss dem Landesprojekt “Dekarbonisierung der Zillertalbahn bis 2030 mit Akku-Zug” weichen

Expertenstreit Beim Projekt “Zillertalbahn 2020+ Energieautonom Mit Wasserstoff”

Kommt Es Jetzt Zu Einer Gesamthaften Beurteilung Des Projektes “Zillertalbahn 2020+ Energieautonom Mit Wasserstoff”?

Stadler Flirt H2

Italienischer Bahnbetreiber Bekommt Drei Weitere Wasserstoff-Schmalspurzüge Von Stadler Rail

Wasserstoffzug Der Stadler Rail Ag Auf Weltrekordkurs

Tiroler Tageszeitung “Akku-Zug Mit Bester Bewertung”

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