H2CoVE Project: National University of Lesotho visited Green Energy Center Europe

On 21st June 2024, the National University of Lesotho Energy Research Center visited the Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck.

The visit was coordinated together with FH Kufstein Tirol, partner of the project H2CoVE in the Tyrolean region. During the meeting, this Erasmus+ European Project, Hydrogen Centers of Vocational Excellence (H2CoVE), was introduced. The project aims to equip the European workforce with the right and necessary high-quality vocational skills for industries in the emerging value chains for a hydrogen economy in 5 European regions – Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. FEN Research represents Tyrol, Austria, as the regional coordinator in this project. Other Tyrolean project partners include FEN Systems – representing Green Energy Center Europe, klasse!forschung with MINT Tirol, FH Kufstein Tirol and HTL Kramsach Glas und Chemie.

Additionally, past and present collaborations within the Codex Partnership, where the Green Energy Center Europe and the Codex Partners work together to build bridges to a sustainable and green future, were presented.

Following the presentations, a guilded tour of the “HyWest” and “E-West” process research laboratories and the Urban Charge & Park Best Practice e-charging field at the Green Energy Center was conducted, to demonstrate the “Power on Demand” and its complementary “Power to Hydrogen” processes for the reconstruction of the energy system towards climate neutrality and energy autonomy. A hydrogen car was displayed, providing the visitors an opportunity to observe hydrogen mobility firsthand.

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